A return to non-nakedness

Back in the day I used to do personal style posts. I thought they were pretty fun and a good way to document my modest style. But now I have a whole new fashion and modesty challenge. Since getting married I’ve started wearing something on my head in public. Sometimes it’s a scarf or a hat or a headband. You can read about it here.

Outfit 1.1 outfit 1.3 outfit 1.2

I promise I was happy, just sometimes it’s hard to smile and not be awkward in front of the camera.

Plus a link up with WSC!

Outfit details: Dress – Asos. Shoes – Saltwater. Scarf – Thrifted in HK.

P.S. The Boy and I are leaving today for a long weekend in Taiwain! Very exciting!

❤ E


Clothes Swap!

Hello all,

Sorry that I’ve been so absent – the interwebz weren’t working at The Boy’s place.

In other news…

recently, I went to a clothes swap/neighborhood vintage sale.

It was pretty relaxed.

We all brought a bag (or 4) of our old stuff. You could sell it or swap it as you pleased.

I picked up a Boo Radley dress never worn with the tags still on for $10!

It’s a midi so given that I’m vertically challenged I’m not sure that it’s the most flattering length. I might hem it to a more reasonable knee length. But it’s super cute right?

In any case – I really like swapping and thrifting b/c

a) it’s cheap

b) it means that I’m not supporting sweat shops (as much…)

c) it puts a healthy break on consumerism (while still consuming…)

d) less pollution from manufacturing and transport.

All in all it was a wonderful night out.


Ellyse xoxo