So what’s been going on?

Below: I made kumquat (a small citrus fruit) and honey cake. Yummy.

2013-11-07 14.44.25 2013-11-07 15.33.38

Above: New favorite nail colour.

Below: Studying. But this week I finished my course for passing the bar! So close to being an actual lawyer!

2013-11-07 15.34.06 2013-11-07 16.28.31

Above: Been reading this book about being a journalist in Hong Kong in 1997 when the country transferred from being a British colony to being part of China. It was a good book, but probably a bit too long.

Below: A blogger friend asked to see the finished product of the Kippah I made for The Boy for our wedding. So here it is, I crocheted it freehand, I just make patterns as I go. I use a .75mm hook if you were wondering.

2013-11-10 23.02.13 2013-11-11 10.48.23

Above: Brunch at the local coffee shop. And yes, technically I live in China.

Below: Matcha latte. Loving everything Matcha flavoured at the moment.

2013-11-11 10.50.37 2013-11-11 11.21.49

Above: How awesome is this building!?

Below: Sometimes Asia makes no sense.

2013-11-12 17.30.18 2013-11-11 21.53.44

Above: coconut and mango dessert bought from the Temple St night markets. Delicious!

To summarise – I seem to be consuming a lot of sweet food and photographing it. Concerning?

Anyways, today The Boy and I are off to China, which means that I’ll be AWOL for a few days. Don’t miss me too much ;p

Thanks for reading!

❤ E


Baby Steps


Don’t be fooled.

Even if I look happy in this photo, I’m actually barely awake.

These photos were taken after The Boy and I had gotten up at the crack of dawn to get to the China Visa offices. The office hadn’t even opened yet and there was already a winding queue around the building. It was crazy! But luckily everything is sorted and hopefully our visas should be ready before our trip to China this Thursday. Eep!

IMG_0901 IMG_0908

Do you want to hear (read?) something ridiculous? The handbag that I’m wearing is my first handbag that I’ve bought for myself. Crazy right?! Up until now I’ve had a backpack for school and hand-me-down handbags. I loved them and I loved the people who gave them to me. But at 25 years old it’s time to grow up and buy yourself a handbag.

Baby steps towards adulthood.

IMG_0915 IMG_0921

Details: Headband – Etsy. Nechlace – stolen from my Momma. Dress – Anthro (sale duh). Cardigan – Bolemo (HK). Bag – Ladies Market (HK). Sandals – Saltwater.


See! Proof that it was an early morning!

❤ E

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Happy Weekend Friends!

The Boy and I have been on a planning frenzy lately.

These past few days we’ve booked our trip to Spain and Morocco (for January), to Kaiping in China for next weekend (eep visas!) and tomorrow I’m going to Macau! It’s been BANANAS.

If you’ve been to any of these places I’d love to hear some tips. Also generally useful travel tips, like how to be safe or to save money are always welcome.


I’ve stolen The Boy’s university tote. Just ’cause I can.

IMG_0878 IMG_0890 IMG_0891 IMG_0892 IMG_0893

I have to say that I’m mighty happy that it’s cooled down enough in HK to wear long sleeves. But I’m still wearing sandals so clearly it’s not actually cold yet. Boo.


Details: Headband – Etsy. Necklace – gift from The Boy. Shirt – Esprit outlet. Belt – street market in HK. Jeans – Target. Sandals – Saltwater.


In other wonderful news, on Monday I hand in my last assessment for passing the bar. I’m sooooo close to actually being a lawyer (assuming I pass – eep!). Wish me luck and have a great weekend!

❤ E

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I’m back from Taiwan, but before I go through my photos and share the highlights I thought I’d do a post on past events.

So before I got married, I got engaged.

There isn’t really much of a story but there was a lovely private moment with a picnic in the park with a huge ornamental kale as a present.


The aforementioned ornamental kale.

We had a huge spontaneous party with our friends and family the night we announced the engagement. We call it a L’chaim. 

L'chaim 1 L'chain 2 L'chaim 3

We were also lucky enough to have an exceptional artist do our engagement and wedding photos. Here’s just a few of my favourites.

Enggagement 1 engagement 2 engagement 5 engagement 3 engagement 4

But you can see the rest of them here.

❤ E

The first of many

So I got engaged and then I got married. Pretty standard order for events.

What we did a little bit differently is that we had a SURPRISE WEDDING!

Yeah, that was awesome.

We invited friends and family to an engagement party and then in the middle it turned into a wedding. We pulled out a chuppa and a rabbi and got it done right then.

It was a pretty good day. It was certainly the best wedding that I’ve ever been to.

Since people, including myself, find wedding details and photos fascinating, consider this warning that there will be quite a few posts in the near future detailing the big event.

But just to start you off, here’s the video that announced the surprise!

P.S. all the direction and production and editing of this awesome film was done by the boy. Pretty neat huh?!



Life’s been great recently. I received a care package from my Mum/Ima. It included a much needed pair of heels and newspapers from home. It’s just not the weekend without them.


My favourite street food in HK is charcoal roasted sweet potatoes. You buy them whole with the skin and scoop out the creamy delicious center right on a park bench. Just the perfect snack.


This Sunday we hired bikes and cycled 15kms in the New Territories along the north coast of HK. It was such a perfect afternoon.

IMG_1614[1] IMG_1613[1] IMG_1612[1] IMG_1611[1]

We spent Sunday morning at the local farmers market in Quarry Bay with friends. It was adorable, we had amazing coffee (made by a Melbournian!), bought kale and great fresh and crusty bread. FYI, the bread in HK is generally terrible; white and sugary. Boo. But yay that we found good bread.


Saturday night we went with friends to Ned Kelly’s last stand with friends to hear some live jazz. The band was great fun and the pub made me pretty nostalgic for Australia.

Anyways, that’s my world. What’s going on in yours?

Welcome Home

Hello old friends,

We’ll remember that time I said that I was just popping into Africa and that I’d be back soon? Yeah, well, I guess I lied. That was almost 2 years ago!

I suppose that I’ll catch you up on what’s been going on in the past 2 years before continuing with blogging.

I went to Ghana for 3 months. It was exceptional and life changing and rewarding and hard. You can read about it at my other blog, here.

I returned to Australia and my boy moved from Sydney to Melbourne. We continued with our university studies. I then went to the Northern Territory in Australia to do some good work with Indigenous Australians. You can read about my experiences, here. 

After that, back to uni. Then New York! I interned at the Center for Constitutional Rights for 3 months doing International Human Rights law. More hard and rewarding work. You can read about it here and here. For a little bit my boy joined me in the Big Apple after his adventures in India.

Then it was back to university for both of us. But luckily for me it was my last semester of law school. After almost 6 years of studying! And then I was offered a job with the Australian Attorney General starting in February 2014. And then I got married! There’ll definitely be blog posts coming up about that, but in the mean time you can check out some of our photos here.

Right after that we moved to Hong Kong!

So I guess you’ll forgive me for failing to blog, but life’s been pretty hectic the past few years!

So currently the boy and I are living in Hong Kong for his film studies and I’m working on passing the bar so that I can work as a lawyer when we get home.

I thought this blog could be a great place to record our adventures while we’re away!

Anyways, I hope you’re as happy to have me back as I am happy to have returned!

❤ EIMG_1497[1]