Clothing posts are difficult while studying.

Because when it’s just going to be my dog who’ll see me

Who cares?

But I try nevertheless.

Dress: Thrifted in Jerusalem. Tank top: Giordanno. Belt: Scarf from other dress.

Shoes: Tel Aviv.

I really like this dress because it has sleeves!

But as you can tell I’m not sure how to wear it…

Is there too much blue?

Is it the wrong type of belt?

I should probably ask the Duplex

Well – I’m back to studying… today it’s criminal law – yay!

Lastly – I still need some help friends… VOTE HERE!



Birth II

Yesterday was the commemoration of my birth.

It went a little like this.

Wake up to flowers.

Thanks ma and pa!

They already got me this.

Marvel at your new shoes.

50% off from Unique Shoes on Carlisle st.

Then go to university.

Make your bro take outfit pics on campus.

Look adorable in your vintage backpack.

Skirt: Renaur (Israel). Top: Central Bus Station Tel Aviv. Belt: Borrowed from my Bro. Tights: Target. Cardigan: Gorman. Shoes: See above!. Necklace: Mum.

Crack up and have a bit of a laugh.

Give yourself glitter nails and then stuff yourself with candy!

Come home to find a muffin and flowers delivered!

Have another cake delivered to your door.

Celebrate with the best friends in the whole wide world.

The come home and cook for Sukkot. (how cute is my apron!?)

All in all it was a super wonderful day.

Gosh – I’m so blessed!