Remember how I told you that I’m addicted to neutrals?


Well, I wasn’t kidding.

Seriously. Addicted.

The only problem with this dress is that it doesn’t really have sleeves….

And since I wanted to wear it to Shule

So I added a cardigan.

Saves me every time.

You don’t often get to see pictures of me on Fridays before Shabbat. 

But maybe I’ll try this more often?

Hope you’ve had a great weekend




Non-Nakedness II

Just incase you were wondering – I still get dressed almost everyday.

Here’s a little somthing I wore last week.

Undertop: Cotton On. Dress: Mums. Cardigan: Pull & Bear. Tights: Target. Boots: Wittners. Necklace: Grandmothers.

This is also the first play around that we had with my new toy (aka: camera).



I do not own many pairs of pants. In fact for 5 years I didn’t wear pants at all.

Here‘s why.

But now I occasionally wear pants.



Top: Cotton On. Vest: thrifted (it’s actually for a 10 year old boy plus I got it for $1!) PANTS: Target. Belt: thrifted. Boots: Wittners

New necklace $1 from ebay!

I can’t really manage a blogger bun so I’ll stick to the good old ‘twist and pin’

Glasses: specsavers (they are multifocal!) also – don’t be hating on the glasses chain, it’s the one thing stopping me from losing them – again!


Back in the day…

Here’s what I found lying around the living room today.

A Woman’s Day magazine from the 60s!

So so so awesome!

It’s like a Mad Men episode that I can touch!

It’s full of englightening articles and advertizements.

Such as this…

Racist much?

Maternity girdles? As if carrying around a very small person inside you wasn’t uncomfortable enough!

And an ad for tampax. Kinda cool…

Expect to see more where these came from!

Fashion Addicts Anonymous

This is my new red cardigan by Dangerfield from their outlet.

I really like the nautical buttons. Like. A lot.

Also as you can see I am wearing my mustache brooch (again) and my bro’s belt (again).

I wasn’t kidding when I said addicted.

Here are my favoite boots (wittners) with my new white tights.

I love white tights but they r srsly so impractical.

Anyways – I’ve decided that I need a man-friend-lover-husband-housemate who can take photos of me while I prance around greenery like all the other fashion bloggers.

That way I can belong to the cool kids.

Last day in Sydney – expect pics in the near future


Material Possessions

Look, I’m not gonna lie. I really like stuff. Pretty things. Things you wear.

Ya know what I mean?

So here’s some of the stuff I’ve been liking recently.

Yes, that is a Mustache brooch. Impressed? You should be. It comes all the way from England but I got it for a steal on ebay.

Here is aforementioned brooch with stripey dress (H&M) and cardigan (Pull & Bear) both purchased on sale in Jerusalem. I’m a bit obsessed with tying my cardigans. If cardigans could be considered risque this would probably be it.

New blue suede shoes! Elvis would be proud. These are super new. I got them on sale for $40 reduced from $250.

Yes, another shot of the shoes. I can’t help it – I’m in LOVE! Not that it matters but they are Gorman (Australian designer) and they have heels! This is super important b/c I am a measly 154cm.

So here is my other brooch. Awesome right? It’s another ebay find.

I’m in the process of attempting to acquire a fancy camera at the moment (Canon DSLR something or rather) but in the meantime I have my brooch.

So there you have it for now. A few more snap shots of silly things that make me a bit happy (but not happy in the long term meaningful kinda way).