Hi all,

Sorry for being absent.

I was too busy being in love and all.

Very time consuming.

But I did manage to take some photos of my Shabbat outfit this week on Friday afternoon.

Top: Portmans. Skirt: Thrifted in Jerusalem. Belt: Borrowed (permanently) from my brother. Necklace: ebay. Tights: Target. Boots: Wittners.

This is my friend Ellie.

Not only is she a wonderful person but she is also a wonderful photographer.

And a great cook!

We all went away this weekend. It was a wonderful trip to the country for a conference style festival of Jewish learning.

Was great fun.

I even gave a talk!

Except the boys got rained out of their tents.

The smart girls were safe and dry in  cabins.

Such smart cookies us girls.

Hope your weekends were as fun as mine was!

xoxo Ellyse



Remember how I told you that I’m addicted to neutrals?


Well, I wasn’t kidding.

Seriously. Addicted.

The only problem with this dress is that it doesn’t really have sleeves….

And since I wanted to wear it to Shule

So I added a cardigan.

Saves me every time.

You don’t often get to see pictures of me on Fridays before Shabbat. 

But maybe I’ll try this more often?

Hope you’ve had a great weekend