So here are some photos from my adventure in Macau. For those that were wondering, Macau is an island near Hong Kong that was a Portuguese colony for 400 years before returning to China in 1997. It’s main industry is gambling in their many casinos. They rake in more moolah than Las Vegas. Crazy. But you won’t see any photos of casinos here. I went for a wonder in the Taipa village to see traditional Portuguese architecture and Chinese temples/shrines. It was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of HK.

IMG_1708IMG_1707 IMG_1720 IMG_1723 IMG_1713 IMG_1709 IMG_1700 IMG_1699


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Material Possessions II

So I figured that I’ve spent enough time complaining about not having a (super awesome) camera.

Therefore with the help of my folks (thanks ma and pa!) The Boy and I are now proud owners of our very own DSLR!

A Canon EOS 60D to be specific.

Soooo pretty!

I also bought for myself on groupon a photography class. That way I’ll know how to use my very exciting new camera.

I also got a 18-55mm lens.

We purchased all our goodies from Kogan on sale.  They aren’t paying me to tell you this but you should know that they have the cheapest electrical goods for Australians.

Expect some new photos in the very near future!


Come and Hear


I was rendered carless last week and had to take the bus home from uni. It was glorious.

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