the details pt 1

Here are some of the important (sorta) details from our wedding.

The ring(s)

wedding band 1

According to Jewish practice for the wedding ceremony itself I needed a totally plain gold band. This one is super tiny and it fit perfectly with my engagement ring. It was from Etsy and a friend of mine was coming to the wedding from NY so she picked it up from Brooklyn before coming Down Under.


Don’t mind my huge red hands. The ring was exactly what I wanted. We found it online from a vintage jewellery seller. Which was a much more ethical decision for me. You can read about the moral issues associated with engagement rings here. I was a bit nervous about choosing a ring online but it worked out fine and it was much easier than trawling through all the jewellery stores in Melbourne.

Do you guys have ring buying stories to share? And advice for future brides?

❤ E


Love and Cupcakes

Yay! Another friend of mine is enaged! Wooo!

So I went to his engagement party. It was lovely. I met his bride-to-be (they live overseas) and she was soooo sweet (not to mention a hottie!)

They were in L.O.V.E!

Meanwhile, I was obsessed with the delicious desserts.

Don’t worry – I obviously snapped a few photos for y’all.

Their names are Yitzy and Tiferet so they had ‘Y + T’ cupcakes of their initials!

I was obsessed with the mini-passion fruit donuts.

Mini Cupcakes…mmmm.

Sadly I didn’t grab a photo with the adorable couple but be assured that they look radiant.

Also – despite what the past few blog posts might imply there are other things in my life apart from food.

But I do eat regularly and document it’s deliciousness.


My Best Friend’s Wedding

Speaking of my BFF…

So way back in Feburary I was still living in Jerusalem. But my best friend was getting married. What to do? Well obviously she loves me so much that we split the ticket for me to return to Australia for just over a week so I could dance and sing and be merry at her wedding.

You can tell that I was pretty happy to be there!

Once we had all of his and her siblings and friends the bridal party got a bit out of control.

They are soooooo in L.O.V.E!

So beautiful!

Chillin with ma and pa

You can see more of this lovely gentleman here.

All in all it was a simply magical wedding!

Mazal Tov!