Hi all,

I hope your weekend is going along swimmingly. Mine’s been ok. Apart from studying I also worked at my cafe and gave a talk for NIF about my work for CWJ. 

I think it went super well!

I better hit the books again,

Have a great day,



Study Sessions

It’s exams (finals) time here in Australia for the next 2 weeks. So this Saturday night I’ll be studying it up. Yay! (not.)

Brain food = craisins, almonds and jelly bellies.

Luckily for me I have a bunch of friends who study together which makes me feel less lame for my nerdiness.

Also – studying bring out my addiction to herbal teas. Ginger and lemon is seriously life-changing.

Hope your Saturday night plans are funner than mine!


Bits and Bobs

Remember my married BFF from here?

Well, she’s about to graduate as a paramedic and she got offered her first real job saving lives!

So proud!

So we went to Claypots to celebrate.

But then today was spent hitting the books in the library. Turns out I have a surprise drafting test tomorrow for civil procedure (yeah, fun times around here).

While studying I blog also known as procrastinate. So I took a photo of my acorn pendant. It reminds me that if a squirrel can delay gratification then I certainly can. So back to studying I went.

But then I needed another break. So I took a photo of my watch.

I bought it while on exchange in Jerusalem. It has Hebrew numerals and says Jerusalem, Israel on the face.

Then I needed another break. So I popped into the campus grocery ad discovered these edamame. And they are legit kosher. Wooo!

But the truth is that today was a really important day because today Gilad Shalit was freed after over 5 years in captivity.

You can find out more about him here.

Welcome home Gilad.


So I realise that there is plenty about me that you don’t know.

For example my feet are 2 sizes too big for my body.

True story.

But onto more relevent issues.

I study law.

I’ve been doing so for 4 years and I still have another 2 years to go.

Yeah, you heard right.

It’s going to take me a bajillion years to get my degrees.

But never mind.

In the meantime I just waste my days taking instagrams of law school.

American decisions from 1836. Not so relevant. But good colours.

I do not know who this judge is. But I like his glasses.

Be intimitated by lots of big books.

Some day I will look as smart as the girl on this bag. I will achieve this by wearing a tie.

Ever wanted to know American maritime cases from 1979? Yeah. Me neither.

If you ever wanted to know about other people’s experiences with Law school (such as being married to a law student) you can check out Meredith’s blog here.

Happy Monday!