Hi all,

Sorry for being absent.

I was too busy being in love and all.

Very time consuming.

But I did manage to take some photos of my Shabbat outfit this week on Friday afternoon.

Top: Portmans. Skirt: Thrifted in Jerusalem. Belt: Borrowed (permanently) from my brother. Necklace: ebay. Tights: Target. Boots: Wittners.

This is my friend Ellie.

Not only is she a wonderful person but she is also a wonderful photographer.

And a great cook!

We all went away this weekend. It was a wonderful trip to the country for a conference style festival of Jewish learning.

Was great fun.

I even gave a talk!

Except the boys got rained out of their tents.

The smart girls were safe and dry in  cabins.

Such smart cookies us girls.

Hope your weekends were as fun as mine was!

xoxo Ellyse



The weather in Melbourne is a bit unpredictable.

Raining one minute

Sunny and very hot the next.

Go figure!

Dress: H&M. Tights: Target. Boots: ebay. Cardigan: Renaur Jerusalem (?).

Bag: Hand-me-down (thanks mum!)

This is another winning dress since it had sleeves and pockets!


Happy weekend lovelies!



Clothing posts are difficult while studying.

Because when it’s just going to be my dog who’ll see me

Who cares?

But I try nevertheless.

Dress: Thrifted in Jerusalem. Tank top: Giordanno. Belt: Scarf from other dress.

Shoes: Tel Aviv.

I really like this dress because it has sleeves!

But as you can tell I’m not sure how to wear it…

Is there too much blue?

Is it the wrong type of belt?

I should probably ask the Duplex

Well – I’m back to studying… today it’s criminal law – yay!

Lastly – I still need some help friends… VOTE HERE!


Still Not Naked

Ok I’ll admit that I do look abit surprised/confused/constipated.

This is an unfortunate picture of the very pretty sunset.

The details are: Hat – Borrowed from The Boy’s lovely sister. Dress – thrifted in Jerusalem, had it shortened and had the triangle added to the v’neck for bonus modesty. Shoes – Clear Jellybabies from the market in Jerusalem.

I bought The Boy this T-shirt. Because like many other dictators with a penchant for irony he just loves juice. 10 points if you know the reference.

Meanwhile – I could pretend that the low image quality is some sort of awesome hipster photoshopping. But no. I’d actually like my nice photos back. Please laptop. Be kind. Have mercy!


Bits and Bobs

Remember my married BFF from here?

Well, she’s about to graduate as a paramedic and she got offered her first real job saving lives!

So proud!

So we went to Claypots to celebrate.

But then today was spent hitting the books in the library. Turns out I have a surprise drafting test tomorrow for civil procedure (yeah, fun times around here).

While studying I blog also known as procrastinate. So I took a photo of my acorn pendant. It reminds me that if a squirrel can delay gratification then I certainly can. So back to studying I went.

But then I needed another break. So I took a photo of my watch.

I bought it while on exchange in Jerusalem. It has Hebrew numerals and says Jerusalem, Israel on the face.

Then I needed another break. So I popped into the campus grocery ad discovered these edamame. And they are legit kosher. Wooo!

But the truth is that today was a really important day because today Gilad Shalit was freed after over 5 years in captivity.

You can find out more about him here.

Welcome home Gilad.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Speaking of my BFF…

So way back in Feburary I was still living in Jerusalem. But my best friend was getting married. What to do? Well obviously she loves me so much that we split the ticket for me to return to Australia for just over a week so I could dance and sing and be merry at her wedding.

You can tell that I was pretty happy to be there!

Once we had all of his and her siblings and friends the bridal party got a bit out of control.

They are soooooo in L.O.V.E!

So beautiful!

Chillin with ma and pa

You can see more of this lovely gentleman here.

All in all it was a simply magical wedding!

Mazal Tov!