I used to love brights

But recently neutrals have been my thing.

(say hi to Shaynee my dog in the background…)

Necklace – $1 on ebay. Ring – inherited.

Belt – came with the dress I wore to my BFF’s wedding which was from

Naama Betzalel.

Shoes – $30 from Tel Aviv.

Pants – target. Top – Zara, handmedown from Mum. Cardigan – Renaur (Jerusalem)

Even though it was just a study outfit I think it ticks the boxes of comfy and pretty.



Bits and Bobs

Remember my married BFF from here?

Well, she’s about to graduate as a paramedic and she got offered her first real job saving lives!

So proud!

So we went to Claypots to celebrate.

But then today was spent hitting the books in the library. Turns out I have a surprise drafting test tomorrow for civil procedure (yeah, fun times around here).

While studying I blog also known as procrastinate. So I took a photo of my acorn pendant. It reminds me that if a squirrel can delay gratification then I certainly can. So back to studying I went.

But then I needed another break. So I took a photo of my watch.

I bought it while on exchange in Jerusalem. It has Hebrew numerals and says Jerusalem, Israel on the face.

Then I needed another break. So I popped into the campus grocery ad discovered these edamame. And they are legit kosher. Wooo!

But the truth is that today was a really important day because today Gilad Shalit was freed after over 5 years in captivity.

You can find out more about him here.

Welcome home Gilad.

Birth II

Yesterday was the commemoration of my birth.

It went a little like this.

Wake up to flowers.

Thanks ma and pa!

They already got me this.

Marvel at your new shoes.

50% off from Unique Shoes on Carlisle st.

Then go to university.

Make your bro take outfit pics on campus.

Look adorable in your vintage backpack.

Skirt: Renaur (Israel). Top: Central Bus Station Tel Aviv. Belt: Borrowed from my Bro. Tights: Target. Cardigan: Gorman. Shoes: See above!. Necklace: Mum.

Crack up and have a bit of a laugh.

Give yourself glitter nails and then stuff yourself with candy!

Come home to find a muffin and flowers delivered!

Have another cake delivered to your door.

Celebrate with the best friends in the whole wide world.

The come home and cook for Sukkot. (how cute is my apron!?)

All in all it was a super wonderful day.

Gosh – I’m so blessed!