I know it’s silly but since I’m going to Ghana (more on that later…)

I felt that it would be a good idea to get a responsible practical pair of shoes.

But then again – I can be super indesisive.

I came down to these last two.

The one on the right had a great grip on its sole.

But the one on the left was a nicer colour…

I went with the darker boots because they gave me more coverage and err… they were prettier?

Is that ok  – that I chose my ‘responsible’ shoes by which was prettier?!




Hello world!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful day

I certainly have.

Today was the first day of summer holidays for me in 2 years!

It feels wonderful.

To celebrate I went out with my BFF (you know, the married one…)

Have I mentioned to you previously my addiction to all things ginger?

Ginger ale

Ginger tea

Ginger hair (totally counts)

We were also celebrating exciting events in the near future

Can you guess?

No, nobody is engaged/married/pregnant!

But instead – I’m going to Ghana for 3 months and my BFF is going to East Timor.

Awesome right?

I’m going to help out a non-profit and to teach for a bit.

She is going to go work in a medical clinic

(have I mentioned previously that she’s a paramedic?)

In any case.

Celebrations were very much in order!