Hello world!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful day

I certainly have.

Today was the first day of summer holidays for me in 2 years!

It feels wonderful.

To celebrate I went out with my BFF (you know, the married one…)

Have I mentioned to you previously my addiction to all things ginger?

Ginger ale

Ginger tea

Ginger hair (totally counts)

We were also celebrating exciting events in the near future

Can you guess?

No, nobody is engaged/married/pregnant!

But instead – I’m going to Ghana for 3 months and my BFF is going to East Timor.

Awesome right?

I’m going to help out a non-profit and to teach for a bit.

She is going to go work in a medical clinic

(have I mentioned previously that she’s a paramedic?)

In any case.

Celebrations were very much in order!



Study Sessions

It’s exams (finals) time here in Australia for the next 2 weeks. So this Saturday night I’ll be studying it up. Yay! (not.)

Brain food = craisins, almonds and jelly bellies.

Luckily for me I have a bunch of friends who study together which makes me feel less lame for my nerdiness.

Also – studying bring out my addiction to herbal teas. Ginger and lemon is seriously life-changing.

Hope your Saturday night plans are funner than mine!


A Pony

A friend of mine did a very nice thing for me the other day.

He drove me to the airport.

But then again he owed me after I gave him the best haircut of his life.

Nevertheless in order to repay his kindness I made him a voucher booklet.

In case you were wondering he really wanted a pony as payment.

Carmen Electra is the name of his car. Well, that’s what I call her anyways.

Basically – I’m just super grateful that I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends!

Love and Cupcakes

Yay! Another friend of mine is enaged! Wooo!

So I went to his engagement party. It was lovely. I met his bride-to-be (they live overseas) and she was soooo sweet (not to mention a hottie!)

They were in L.O.V.E!

Meanwhile, I was obsessed with the delicious desserts.

Don’t worry – I obviously snapped a few photos for y’all.

Their names are Yitzy and Tiferet so they had ‘Y + T’ cupcakes of their initials!

I was obsessed with the mini-passion fruit donuts.

Mini Cupcakes…mmmm.

Sadly I didn’t grab a photo with the adorable couple but be assured that they look radiant.

Also – despite what the past few blog posts might imply there are other things in my life apart from food.

But I do eat regularly and document it’s deliciousness.


Birth II

Yesterday was the commemoration of my birth.

It went a little like this.

Wake up to flowers.

Thanks ma and pa!

They already got me this.

Marvel at your new shoes.

50% off from Unique Shoes on Carlisle st.

Then go to university.

Make your bro take outfit pics on campus.

Look adorable in your vintage backpack.

Skirt: Renaur (Israel). Top: Central Bus Station Tel Aviv. Belt: Borrowed from my Bro. Tights: Target. Cardigan: Gorman. Shoes: See above!. Necklace: Mum.

Crack up and have a bit of a laugh.

Give yourself glitter nails and then stuff yourself with candy!

Come home to find a muffin and flowers delivered!

Have another cake delivered to your door.

Celebrate with the best friends in the whole wide world.

The come home and cook for Sukkot. (how cute is my apron!?)

All in all it was a super wonderful day.

Gosh – I’m so blessed!


On Thursday night when I should have been studying for the impending doom of exams I went out with my boys to see Ganesh Versus The Third Reich.

If you think that sounds a bit controversial, well you’d be right. There were Hindu protesters out the front and to make it even more risky the theater troupe is comprised of actors with physical and intellectual disabilities.

Having said that, we had a great time and I reckon the play was actually very sensitive to the audience and the cultures that it was dealing with.

I roped the boys into helping me with some outfit shots on the way.

This is my kindergarten boyfriend helping me out (we parted amicably when he moved schools in first grade). He’s also in this post.

Yeah, I wish I was smiling here. Oh well.

Shoes: Gorman. Pants: Target. Cardigan: Revival. Glasses: Specsavers. Belt, Bag, Scarf: Thrifted or gifted.

I did not take this photo and therefore I have no idea how he turned me blue.

So sneaky.

Eventually they’d had enough of my prancing around and demanding to be photographed.

We had a great time all round.

What did you get up to this weekend?



Last night the boy, myself and the crew went on an adventure to go hear Jonathan Safran Foer at the Wheeler Centre.

It was wonderful.

He spoke about his grandmother and his son and factory farming.

Afterwards I bought his 4th book ‘Tree of Codes.’

It was a bit pricey but hopefully worth it.

Since we hadn’t eaten all day (here‘s why) – we went out after the talk to get Lord of the Fries (as always!)




Spicy vegetarian burger? Delicious.

Organic ginger beer? A winner.

Fries with Vietnamese sauce? Yes please!

As the above picture demonstrates we were all very satisfied in our minds and our tummies.

How was your weekend?