I know that material possessions can’t make you happy.

But sometimes they do.

Just a little.

Like today when my Saltwater Sandals arrived in the mail!

I tried forever to find them in Australia but they were super expensive.

So I got them online for $35.

Very reasonable I say.

Now that we have reveled in the joy that is my new sandals I’m off to go find some real joy and meaning in my life.


P.S. Shout out to Talmud for having an infinitely superior vegetable patch to my titchy tiny one! Oh and to her adorable botanist hubz TK.


Material Possessions

Look, I’m not gonna lie. I really like stuff. Pretty things. Things you wear.

Ya know what I mean?

So here’s some of the stuff I’ve been liking recently.

Yes, that is a Mustache brooch. Impressed? You should be. It comes all the way from England but I got it for a steal on ebay.

Here is aforementioned brooch with stripey dress (H&M) and cardigan (Pull & Bear) both purchased on sale in Jerusalem. I’m a bit obsessed with tying my cardigans. If cardigans could be considered risque this would probably be it.

New blue suede shoes! Elvis would be proud. These are super new. I got them on sale for $40 reduced from $250.

Yes, another shot of the shoes. I can’t help it – I’m in LOVE! Not that it matters but they are Gorman (Australian designer) and they have heels! This is super important b/c I am a measly 154cm.

So here is my other brooch. Awesome right? It’s another ebay find.

I’m in the process of attempting to acquire a fancy camera at the moment (Canon DSLR something or rather) but in the meantime I have my brooch.

So there you have it for now. A few more snap shots of silly things that make me a bit happy (but not happy in the long term meaningful kinda way).