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So here’s what’s been going on in my life.

Above: our haul from the Shillin Night markets in Taiwain. It was all crazy cheap. Plus – notice a colour theme?

Below: An amazing date-banana-tahini smoothie from Mana. I die.

2013-10-23 13.52.12 2013-10-23 17.04.00

Above: On a slightly more serious note I went with friends to visit an exhibit by the Society of Community Organisation about refugees in Hong Kong. It was really powerful.

Below: The Boy is OBSESSED with mint choc-chip ice-cream. And I’m on a dark chocolate kick.

2013-10-24 15.45.51 2013-10-17 15.20.18

Above: Blue Jasmine was finally released in HK, only like 6 months after the rest of the world. We saw it the day it opened. I’m a total Woody Allen groupie.

Below: A birthday present from friends. When you live in Asia even your socks have cute cartoons on them.

2013-10-15 18.23.58 2013-11-02 22.00.49

Above: A true but unfortunate but also hilariously named company.

Below: I’m getting really getting good at making Asian noodle soup at home. Keen for a recipe?

2013-10-31 18.50.18 2013-11-02 22.34.33

Above & Below: The waffles that saved Saturday night from the Terrible play.

2013-11-02 22.34.26

So I realise that basically all that’s going on in my life is food. But that’s a) not so surprising and b) delicious!

Anything more exciting than waffles going on in your world?

❤ E



One of the best things about living in a new country (Hong Kong) is getting to experience all the new food!

The Boy and I only eat kosher food (and I’m also vegetarian) so our Chinese food options are often pretty limited. But luckily there’s a great Buddhist culture here of strict vegetarian restaurants that both of us can enjoy.


This amazing salad is from a fast slow food (ha!) vegetarian place just down the road from us called Mana.


Loving the Dim Sum.


Well, actually I made these myself. Battered and fried bananas. A sweet and not too guilt inducing treat. Maybe I should include a recipe?


Bubble tea! On the left is coconut mango bubble tea and on the right is ginger and sugar cane juice. Both were made fresh in front of us at the Temple St night market.

I really love trying new foods, how about you?

❤ E

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Deliciousness in Taiwan

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Pictured left to right: green tea jelly, cucumber and honey juice, white fungus desert. All weird but surprisingly delicious. Especially the cucumber juice!

Hello friends!

So generally I don’t photograph my food but when travelling it’s always so interesting to see what different types of cuisines there are.

As I’ve mentioned before The Boy and I are kosher and vegetarian which can make eating when travelling a bit tricky but we’ve been managing pretty well so far.

So on Friday we went to visit the natural hot springs in Beitou. While waiting for the springs to re-open (they close during lunchtime) we found a cute little Buddhist vegetarian restaurant (it even had monks dining next to us). It was called Su French Healthy Eatery.

I thought I’d share what we ate. Above is dessert. Strange but delicious.

2013-10-25 13.19.18

This was my main course – kimchi hotpot. All different pickled vegetables with rice and an egg. So many different flavours in one bowl!

2013-10-25 13.18.10

This is the Mexican dish – good but not really Mexican. But nice attempt Taiwan.

2013-10-25 13.10.24

This is the starter assortment. I wish I knew what everything was. But I just know that 1) it looked adorable and 2) it was super yummy.

2013-10-25 12.52.45

Creamy vegetable soup with garlic bread. It was raining outside so this was just the perfect comfort food.

All in all, it was pretty cheap ($15 pp for 4 courses) by Western standards. I would definitely recommend it to anybody travelling in Taiwan. Also go to the hot springs. So beautiful and relaxing.

Do any of you have some tips for managing dietary requirements while travelling?

❤ E

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