Today it is both my Dad and my Brother’s birthdays.

That’s right, 21 years ago my Dad got a wonderful birthday present.

My brother went from this

to this

 but my Dad is even cuter

He also grew up to be a great Dad/Man/Husband/Person/Soccer player.

Happy Birthday to both of you!



Hi all,

I hope your weekend is going along swimmingly. Mine’s been ok. Apart from studying I also worked at my cafe and gave a talk for NIF about my work for CWJ. 

I think it went super well!

I better hit the books again,

Have a great day,


Family Ties

Hello World!

Yes – the festivals are over and I have returned to blogging!

But I have not been documenting my life.

So I guess we will have to make do with previous escapades.

Such as the following…

My brother is about to turn 21.

And hence he’s about to become a man.

So we went suit shopping.

Isn’t he a cutie? (but totally taken, sorry ladies!)

In other news…

I found my dad’s old school picture from yeshiva. He’s front row second from the right. How is it that everyone looked so cool in the 60s?


Tabernacle II

Hi All!

Sorry for going AWOL on you for the past couple of days. We’ve been a bit distracted by eating and having family fun during the festival.

The best part was that The Boy came to surprise me! It was so nice to have him come and help set up the Succah and spend time with my family!

Our big box of decorations.

The Boy helping out with the Succah.

My favorite string of paper pineapples for decoration.

A bit blurry but you get the idea. Boy + Ladder = wonderfulness.

Anyways – I’m a little bit stressed with my life. Exams (finals) are in 2 weeks and next weekend I have another festival! When will I find time to study? Ahhh!

Also, not that this is very responsible but I’m going to Sydney on Wednesday to spend some quality time with The Boy and his family.

Soooo excited!

I hope y’all have a great week!



Since you now know that I am a law student and a waitress.

You may as well also see photos of my family from when I was younger.

Since we all know that following a blog is just a socially acceptable form of stalking/busybodying.

Clockwise from top left. My parents. Myself – aged 10. My brother aged 8. Myself and my brother in London. Myself and my brother in Canada.

Yeah – we were little jet-setters.

Family portrait circa 1994.

Just adorable.


Meet the Family

While I was taking some photos of my Dad’s old portraits for the fathers’ Day post I stumbled upon some great old photos of my fam.

Wanna meet ’em?

This here is my paternal great-grandmother, her parents and children. I’m named after her. That’s why the spelling of my name is so unique – it’s French!

On the right is my paternal grandfather and on the left is my dad – such a cutie!

These lovely people are my maternal great-grandparents. Look how tiny her waist is on the left! And how awesome is his mustache!?

These two are my maternal grandparents – they look so young!

This is my paternal great-grandfather, the Italian lawyer – I guess we know where I get it from then…

Lastly, we have a photo from my parent’s wedding – they were super young and only dated for 6 weeks before they got married… almost 30 years ago! Amazing right?

Anyways, maybe I make more sense now in the context of my fam?

Or maybe not….

P.S. Flying out to Sydney tonight! Yay!

(Don’t worry obvz taking my laptop n will be snapping heaps of pics!)