Clothing posts are difficult while studying.

Because when it’s just going to be my dog who’ll see me

Who cares?

But I try nevertheless.

Dress: Thrifted in Jerusalem. Tank top: Giordanno. Belt: Scarf from other dress.

Shoes: Tel Aviv.

I really like this dress because it has sleeves!

But as you can tell I’m not sure how to wear it…

Is there too much blue?

Is it the wrong type of belt?

I should probably ask the Duplex

Well – I’m back to studying… today it’s criminal law – yay!

Lastly – I still need some help friends… VOTE HERE!



The Beach

While in Sydney we also went to the beach.

We had some lovely Ben & Jerry’s to go with the gorgeous beach.

Meanwhile at the beach was this adorable girl and a dog in a tank top. It wasn’t cold. I don’t understand why the dog was dressed.

All in all, it was a wonderful outing.

On a side note – if anybody wants to offer to help me with my photo issues at the moment I’d be very appreciative!