The Original Domestic Goddess

Just so you know I call my Grandmother my Savta, here‘s why.

She’s not generally a great cook for two main reasons

1) she only started cooking when she emigrated to Australia (from Egypt via Italy, England, Brazil and Canada) at age 30.

2) she has better things to do like go tobogganing, or do yoga, or help out her neighbours who just gave birth or are very ill.

However, there are a couple of dishes that she makes super well. One is her famous dairy-free coffee ice-cream.

The other, is her kreplach (for details on this dish see here.)

Here’s how you do it.

Oh, you don’t understand her recipe?

Well it goes like this.

Fry up mince-meat with onions and then mix through an egg.

The basic ratio for the dough is 1.5 cups of flour to each egg. We quadrupled the recipe though to make approx 75 kreplach.

Mix it up, then knead it then divide the mixture into 2 (or more) then with a rolling pin roll out each section till it’s about 5mm thick.

Take your kreplach maker (as seen above) and lay one sheet of the dough on it. Then fill each crescent with half a teaspoon of the meat mixture. Then lay another sheet of dough on top. Go over it with a rolling pin to seal the kreplach.

Then you take off the excess dough, pick up the kreplach maker and give it a good tap so all its delicious goodies fall out.

Put them on a plate and freeze them till Rosh Hashana (details see this).

When the time is ready, defrost them and boil them, then pop them in the delicious chicken soup that you learnt to make from this post.

Shana Tova! (stick this – שנה טובה – into google translate – Hebrew to English – to understand)

Have a Sweet Jewish New Years!




After moving back home 2 months ago to finish my degree(s) I have finally found a job.

I am a glorified waitress.


But I actually am pretty happy about the job, my employers are friendly and the cafe is close to home.

Plus, they pay me pretty well!

Babka? Choc-almond cake? Fruit Cheesecake?

Tricolour cake?

Maybe you’d prefer a cupcake?

And we can pack them all up in these adorable boxes.

Wish me luck!


Domestic Goddess the 2nd

Here’s what we eat on Monday nights in my house.

Stir fry.

And here’s how to make it.


4 eggs

A bunch of left-over chicken

4 cups of rice (cooked in the mircowave)

1 broccoli

1 punnet of mushrooms

1 can of corn kernels

1 green pepper/capsicum

1 bunch of baby spinach


Make an omelet then cut it into strips.

Wash, chop and fry veggies.

In our house we also chop up left over roasted chicken and fry it so the meat-eaters can add it to their meals.

Then add the sauce to the veggies.

Then serve with the rice and either the omelet or the chicken.

Easy as!

Domestic Goddess

First order of business of the day – how cute is Talmud and her mushroom obsession?

But just so you know I can also cook.


Here’s how you make my Mother’s Famous Chicken Soup


10 – Chicken frames

1 – bag of carrots

1/2 – a celery

2 – onions

Secret ingredient – a line of top rib… sneaky I know.


Chop up the veggies into large pieces. Pop all the veggies n the meat into the pot. Cover with water. Season with salt n pepper. Simmer for 4 hours. Strain. Enjoy.

Easy right?

Just in time for shabbat!

Kew Shabbaton

A couple of years ago a bunch of us were asked to run a shabbaton in a suburb of Melbourne called Kew.

 It wasn’t a lot of fun but we bonded together through adversity. Since then, whenever possible, we get together to spend a shabbat together.

It’s been less frequent in recent months since I was overseas and other have also been away travelling and studying overseas or inter-state.

But finally enough of us were in town to warrant an expedition.

Though this time it was to a country town and not an inner city suburb – just beautiful!

We struggled with the door/key situation for a while.

But then, just as we though we would have to sleep outside we realised it wasn’t even locked and we just weren’t pulling on the door right!

The boys got stuck into table-tennis right away – I preferred my spot on the couch with the super cute cushions!

From these pics you would assume that we were eating amazing healthy food the whole time. And to be sure we kinda did. I made bok-choy salad and eggplant schnitzels as well as a kick-tush curry chulent.

But I also had 3 bowls of ice-cream of the weekend and BBQ chips for breakfast.

How beautiful is the scenery? Seriously gorgeous.

We stayed up late playing monopoly and eating ice-cream. We caught up on what’s been going on with each others lives since we’ve been gallivanting around the globe.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend.