A return to non-nakedness

Back in the day I used to do personal style posts. I thought they were pretty fun and a good way to document my modest style. But now I have a whole new fashion and modesty challenge. Since getting married I’ve started wearing something on my head in public. Sometimes it’s a scarf or a hat or a headband. You can read about it here.

Outfit 1.1 outfit 1.3 outfit 1.2

I promise I was happy, just sometimes it’s hard to smile and not be awkward in front of the camera.

Plus a link up with WSC!

Outfit details: Dress – Asos. Shoes – Saltwater. Scarf – Thrifted in HK.

P.S. The Boy and I are leaving today for a long weekend in Taiwain! Very exciting!

❤ E


Clothes Swap!

Hello all,

Sorry that I’ve been so absent – the interwebz weren’t working at The Boy’s place.

In other news…

recently, I went to a clothes swap/neighborhood vintage sale.

It was pretty relaxed.

We all brought a bag (or 4) of our old stuff. You could sell it or swap it as you pleased.

I picked up a Boo Radley dress never worn with the tags still on for $10!

It’s a midi so given that I’m vertically challenged I’m not sure that it’s the most flattering length. I might hem it to a more reasonable knee length. But it’s super cute right?

In any case – I really like swapping and thrifting b/c

a) it’s cheap

b) it means that I’m not supporting sweat shops (as much…)

c) it puts a healthy break on consumerism (while still consuming…)

d) less pollution from manufacturing and transport.

All in all it was a wonderful night out.


Ellyse xoxo


Remember how I told you that I’m addicted to neutrals?


Well, I wasn’t kidding.

Seriously. Addicted.

The only problem with this dress is that it doesn’t really have sleeves….

And since I wanted to wear it to Shule

So I added a cardigan.

Saves me every time.

You don’t often get to see pictures of me on Fridays before Shabbat. 

But maybe I’ll try this more often?

Hope you’ve had a great weekend




I know that material possessions can’t make you happy.

But sometimes they do.

Just a little.

Like today when my Saltwater Sandals arrived in the mail!

I tried forever to find them in Australia but they were super expensive.

So I got them online for $35.

Very reasonable I say.

Now that we have reveled in the joy that is my new sandals I’m off to go find some real joy and meaning in my life.


P.S. Shout out to Talmud for having an infinitely superior vegetable patch to my titchy tiny one! Oh and to her adorable botanist hubz TK.


I do not own many pairs of pants. In fact for 5 years I didn’t wear pants at all.

Here‘s why.

But now I occasionally wear pants.



Top: Cotton On. Vest: thrifted (it’s actually for a 10 year old boy plus I got it for $1!) PANTS: Target. Belt: thrifted. Boots: Wittners

New necklace $1 from ebay!

I can’t really manage a blogger bun so I’ll stick to the good old ‘twist and pin’

Glasses: specsavers (they are multifocal!) also – don’t be hating on the glasses chain, it’s the one thing stopping me from losing them – again!