Domestic Goddess the 2nd

Here’s what we eat on Monday nights in my house.

Stir fry.

And here’s how to make it.


4 eggs

A bunch of left-over chicken

4 cups of rice (cooked in the mircowave)

1 broccoli

1 punnet of mushrooms

1 can of corn kernels

1 green pepper/capsicum

1 bunch of baby spinach


Make an omelet then cut it into strips.

Wash, chop and fry veggies.

In our house we also chop up left over roasted chicken and fry it so the meat-eaters can add it to their meals.

Then add the sauce to the veggies.

Then serve with the rice and either the omelet or the chicken.

Easy as!


Domestic Goddess

First order of business of the day – how cute is Talmud and her mushroom obsession?

But just so you know I can also cook.


Here’s how you make my Mother’s Famous Chicken Soup


10 – Chicken frames

1 – bag of carrots

1/2 – a celery

2 – onions

Secret ingredient – a line of top rib… sneaky I know.


Chop up the veggies into large pieces. Pop all the veggies n the meat into the pot. Cover with water. Season with salt n pepper. Simmer for 4 hours. Strain. Enjoy.

Easy right?

Just in time for shabbat!