My Best Friend’s Wedding

Speaking of my BFF…

So way back in Feburary I was still living in Jerusalem. But my best friend was getting married. What to do? Well obviously she loves me so much that we split the ticket for me to return to Australia for just over a week so I could dance and sing and be merry at her wedding.

You can tell that I was pretty happy to be there!

Once we had all of his and her siblings and friends the bridal party got a bit out of control.

They are soooooo in L.O.V.E!

So beautiful!

Chillin with ma and pa

You can see more of this lovely gentleman here.

All in all it was a simply magical wedding!

Mazal Tov!


Cardigan Culture

I love cardigans.

In fact rarely does a day go by without me wearing one.

Most are neutral coloured, a bit bland maybe.

But here are two of my favorites.

My ‘education’ themed hand-made thrifted cardi.

My ‘global citizen’ cardi – the numbers around the waist are the longitude of the countries!

This was gifted to me by my best friend in the whole wide world who has recently been gallivanting around the place with her adorable husband. They managed to pick this up for me in San Francisco.

Do you have any quirky fashion loves?