us on a beach

In some ways today was a really average day.

I went to my internship. I did research. I gave advice. I learned from my mentor. I read my murder mystery during lunch at the park. I got a gingerbread latte (ok, well that was kinda exciting).

I came home to my boy who’d also just gotten home from a long day. We went to the gym. We went to the supermarket. Then he went home to start cooking and I went to the bakery to pick up some bread.

But then on the walk back from the bakery I was walking through the cobbled streets of the trendy neighbourhood of Shueng Wan. There were fairy lights in the trees, the weather was finally cool and crisp and there was even a jazz band playing on some steps with people mulling around enjoying the musical treat.

I felt like I was at last happy living in Hong Kong.

You know, living in a new place is never easy. Especially when it’s a totally new culture. And you are studying online so it’s hard to make new friends.

But today I loved living here. Today was perfect.

So I came home with my loaf of bread and sat down with my boy and we had delicious fish tacos.

Just perfect.

So thanks for reading my ramble. I hope you’ve all also just had a great day. And even if it wasn’t, know that tomorrow could be a great day.

‚̧ E


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