Grown Up


Little old ladies in Hong Kong are bad-ass. They work hard all day and all night.


Hello friends!

Ok I have two things to say today.

1) This is a fancy outfit because I’m currently working for a fancy lawyer (well, it’s only a 2 week internship). Today we had a case in front of the Hong Kong court of appeal. It was about banking. Blerg.

But seriously, fancy work outfits are a struggle. I came to HK planning on being a student so I didn’t bring business attire, so these few weeks are going to be an experiment.

Plus, now I look like a grown up. Except for two things:

a) Today the lawyer I’m working for introduced me to another lawyer saying “she may only look 13, but she’s actually married!” Hahahaha. Not funny.

b) And I may have had a bit of a love bite on my neck on Monday morning. Definitely not professional! It took a lot of make-up to deal with that. Thanks Hubby. TMI?

2) These photos have made me realise how much weight I’ve gained in the past few months. I know it’s totally normal after you get married, particularly since I was pretty light for my wedding. Also, you know, like when you move overseas and there’s all this new delicious food to try? I’ve been pretty good at going to gym and running and stuff. But this has got to stop somewhere. It stops here. Any advice?

IMG_2153IMG_2135IMG_2132IMG_2151IMG_2131 IMG_2148

Details: Headband – Etsy. Jacket – Thrifted. Dress – Target. Shoes – Aerosoles.

T-minus 2 weeks left in HK!

Thanks for reading!

❤ E

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4 thoughts on “Grown Up

  1. Stopping by from All Things Thursday Linkup! Love your look, totally professional! When I moved in with my BF I decided to cook all the dinners. Healthier foods than he was used to. Then I dish out more for him, smaller portions for me. Definitely helps!

    ❤ Vicki

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