Wedding Details, pt 2

wedding dress buttons

In continuing from the last details post. Here’s the deets on what I wore when I was a bride.

Also – I realised that these posts are in the wrong order. Let’s hope you can’t count!

First up – The Dress.

I bought it online from an Etsy vintage store for a steal. It was so cheap that my Mum and I figured that if I didn’t like it we could just sell it on ebay.

But it fit perfectly. The shoulders, the bust, the sleeves, the waist. Just perfect. It was clearly meant to be. Plus the dress was all pure silk chiffon. Just divine.

etsy wedding dress

The veil came with the dress. At first it was sort of a bonnet veil from the 50s (weird). So I took it to a milliner who fixed it up for me. And here’s a tip, when doing bridal things use normal regular artisans rather than specialised bridal ones. The bridal ones are always more expensive!

wedding veil wedding pre-surprise dress

Because it was a surprise wedding, when everybody was arriving they still expected just a normal engagement party. So I wore a lovely cream and gold dress that my Aunt had bought for me previously. It was actually more expensive that my real wedding dress!

wedding - shoes


2013-07-17 14.39.20

My shoes were Jeffrey Campbell. They were super comfortable and it was so nice to have a bright pop of colour with my bridal outfit.

2013-07-17 13.03.30

So that’s what I wore on that great day in August.

Do y’all have any tips for bridal shopping to share?


One thought on “Wedding Details, pt 2

  1. Those shoes are AWESOME! And that dress is DIVINE–just like you said! So beautiful! :] Weddings are just so fun! I’m really loving reading all about yours!

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