Party Dress

2013-10-31 19.22.52

Hello friends!

This is a very special dress to me.

I bought it for the occasion of the sheva brachot after our wedding.

For Jewish weddings the fun doesn’t just stop the day of your wedding. Instead for 7 days after the wedding you have a small dinner party each night hosted by family and/or friends. Some people find all the socialising annoying, and we definitely found it exhausting. But it was a good way to let us back into ‘real’ life slowly.

2013-10-31 19.23.09 2013-10-31 19.23.23 2013-10-31 19.25.05 2013-10-31 19.25.25-2 2013-10-31 19.23.53

This brooch was a birthday present from The Boy. He knows me so well, it’s just my style!

2013-10-31 19.25.58

Details: Dress – Princess Highway Outlet. Tights – Shilin Night Markets, Taiwan. Shoes – Aerosoles. Pin – Gifted. Hat – The Boy (used to belong to his uncle). Bag – Stolen from my Mamma, she got it in Florence in 1987.

Do you guys have any sentimental pieces of clothing? Any great stories from them?

❤ E

P.S. I just came home from a long day of volunteering to find The Boy editing our wedding video. What a sweetie!

P.P.S Best of Link Up! & Funday Monday! & Monday Bloom!


2 thoughts on “Party Dress

  1. I love the dress! And I’m loving learning about some of the Jewish customs around weddings! They are so interesting and cool! I’m trying to think of clothes that I am sentimental about…I’ll have to go through my closet. I definitely have clothes that remind me of things (like holidays, my pregnancy with Holland, etc.) but I can’t think of any that I’m particularly sentimental about.

  2. Ohh I very much like that tradition- it’s so nice to keep celebrating such a giant milestone! I’m Polish and in Poland the wedding lasts til like 4 am and there are parties the day after too, so it’s so disappointing that in the States the party is over at like 11 pm (especially since they’re so expensive!!). And I LOVE this outfit- that brooch is so cute. your boy has a great eye 😉

    xo marlen
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