One of the best things about living in a new country (Hong Kong) is getting to experience all the new food!

The Boy and I only eat kosher food (and I’m also vegetarian) so our Chinese food options are often pretty limited. But luckily there’s a great Buddhist culture here of strict vegetarian restaurants that both of us can enjoy.


This amazing salad is from a fast slow food (ha!) vegetarian place just down the road from us called Mana.


Loving the Dim Sum.


Well, actually I made these myself. Battered and fried bananas. A sweet and not too guilt inducing treat. Maybe I should include a recipe?


Bubble tea! On the left is coconut mango bubble tea and on the right is ginger and sugar cane juice. Both were made fresh in front of us at the Temple St night market.

I really love trying new foods, how about you?

❤ E

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