Life’s been great recently. I received a care package from my Mum/Ima. It included a much needed pair of heels and newspapers from home. It’s just not the weekend without them.


My favourite street food in HK is charcoal roasted sweet potatoes. You buy them whole with the skin and scoop out the creamy delicious center right on a park bench. Just the perfect snack.


This Sunday we hired bikes and cycled 15kms in the New Territories along the north coast of HK. It was such a perfect afternoon.

IMG_1614[1] IMG_1613[1] IMG_1612[1] IMG_1611[1]

We spent Sunday morning at the local farmers market in Quarry Bay with friends. It was adorable, we had amazing coffee (made by a Melbournian!), bought kale and great fresh and crusty bread. FYI, the bread in HK is generally terrible; white and sugary. Boo. But yay that we found good bread.


Saturday night we went with friends to Ned Kelly’s last stand with friends to hear some live jazz. The band was great fun and the pub made me pretty nostalgic for Australia.

Anyways, that’s my world. What’s going on in yours?


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