the details pt 1

Here are some of the important (sorta) details from our wedding.

The ring(s)

wedding band 1

According to Jewish practice for the wedding ceremony itself I needed a totally plain gold band. This one is super tiny and it fit perfectly with my engagement ring. It was from Etsy and a friend of mine was coming to the wedding from NY so she picked it up from Brooklyn before coming Down Under.


Don’t mind my huge red hands. The ring was exactly what I wanted. We found it online from a vintage jewellery seller. Which was a much more ethical decision for me. You can read about the moral issues associated with engagement rings here. I was a bit nervous about choosing a ring online but it worked out fine and it was much easier than trawling through all the jewellery stores in Melbourne.

Do you guys have ring buying stories to share? And advice for future brides?

❤ E


Deliciousness in Taiwan

2013-10-25 13.35.25

Pictured left to right: green tea jelly, cucumber and honey juice, white fungus desert. All weird but surprisingly delicious. Especially the cucumber juice!

Hello friends!

So generally I don’t photograph my food but when travelling it’s always so interesting to see what different types of cuisines there are.

As I’ve mentioned before The Boy and I are kosher and vegetarian which can make eating when travelling a bit tricky but we’ve been managing pretty well so far.

So on Friday we went to visit the natural hot springs in Beitou. While waiting for the springs to re-open (they close during lunchtime) we found a cute little Buddhist vegetarian restaurant (it even had monks dining next to us). It was called Su French Healthy Eatery.

I thought I’d share what we ate. Above is dessert. Strange but delicious.

2013-10-25 13.19.18

This was my main course – kimchi hotpot. All different pickled vegetables with rice and an egg. So many different flavours in one bowl!

2013-10-25 13.18.10

This is the Mexican dish – good but not really Mexican. But nice attempt Taiwan.

2013-10-25 13.10.24

This is the starter assortment. I wish I knew what everything was. But I just know that 1) it looked adorable and 2) it was super yummy.

2013-10-25 12.52.45

Creamy vegetable soup with garlic bread. It was raining outside so this was just the perfect comfort food.

All in all, it was pretty cheap ($15 pp for 4 courses) by Western standards. I would definitely recommend it to anybody travelling in Taiwan. Also go to the hot springs. So beautiful and relaxing.

Do any of you have some tips for managing dietary requirements while travelling?

❤ E

P.S. Monday Funday!

non-nakedness in Taiwan

Let me just say that the shopping and fashion in Taiwan were awesome! On our first night The Boy and I dropped our bags at the hostel and headed out to the Shilin night markets. They don’t close till almost 2am! There were food stalls (but not much vegetarian food) as well as amazing and cheap shopping!

So this outfit was assisted by the addition of a brand new shirt and tights from Taipei.

And these photos were taken in front of the Maokong Gondola.

Don’t let that name fool you, it’s actually a cable car, it doesn’t go anywhere near the water. Super misleading.

But sadly to The Boy and mine’s disappointment when arrived early Monday morning at the Gondola is was closed for maintenance. So instead we took outfit photos and bought bubble tea. Love me some bubble tea!

2013-10-28 12.55.00

Eurgh – I promise to get better at smiling!

2013-10-28 12.54.52 2013-10-28 12.54.34 2013-10-28 12.54.30 2013-10-28 12.53.52

Outfit details: Dress (worn as skirt) – Asos. Headband – ebay. Shirt and tights – Night markets. Shoes – Aerosoles (sooo comfy).

So this is my attempt at a practical, comfortable but still not hideous tourist outfit – do you think I pulled it off? Any tips for what to wear when you are a fashionable tourist?

❤ E

P.S. What I Wore Wednesday & Style Sessions


I’m back from Taiwan, but before I go through my photos and share the highlights I thought I’d do a post on past events.

So before I got married, I got engaged.

There isn’t really much of a story but there was a lovely private moment with a picnic in the park with a huge ornamental kale as a present.


The aforementioned ornamental kale.

We had a huge spontaneous party with our friends and family the night we announced the engagement. We call it a L’chaim. 

L'chaim 1 L'chain 2 L'chaim 3

We were also lucky enough to have an exceptional artist do our engagement and wedding photos. Here’s just a few of my favourites.

Enggagement 1 engagement 2 engagement 5 engagement 3 engagement 4

But you can see the rest of them here.

❤ E

A return to non-nakedness

Back in the day I used to do personal style posts. I thought they were pretty fun and a good way to document my modest style. But now I have a whole new fashion and modesty challenge. Since getting married I’ve started wearing something on my head in public. Sometimes it’s a scarf or a hat or a headband. You can read about it here.

Outfit 1.1 outfit 1.3 outfit 1.2

I promise I was happy, just sometimes it’s hard to smile and not be awkward in front of the camera.

Plus a link up with WSC!

Outfit details: Dress – Asos. Shoes – Saltwater. Scarf – Thrifted in HK.

P.S. The Boy and I are leaving today for a long weekend in Taiwain! Very exciting!

❤ E

The first of many

So I got engaged and then I got married. Pretty standard order for events.

What we did a little bit differently is that we had a SURPRISE WEDDING!

Yeah, that was awesome.

We invited friends and family to an engagement party and then in the middle it turned into a wedding. We pulled out a chuppa and a rabbi and got it done right then.

It was a pretty good day. It was certainly the best wedding that I’ve ever been to.

Since people, including myself, find wedding details and photos fascinating, consider this warning that there will be quite a few posts in the near future detailing the big event.

But just to start you off, here’s the video that announced the surprise!

P.S. all the direction and production and editing of this awesome film was done by the boy. Pretty neat huh?!



Life’s been great recently. I received a care package from my Mum/Ima. It included a much needed pair of heels and newspapers from home. It’s just not the weekend without them.


My favourite street food in HK is charcoal roasted sweet potatoes. You buy them whole with the skin and scoop out the creamy delicious center right on a park bench. Just the perfect snack.


This Sunday we hired bikes and cycled 15kms in the New Territories along the north coast of HK. It was such a perfect afternoon.

IMG_1614[1] IMG_1613[1] IMG_1612[1] IMG_1611[1]

We spent Sunday morning at the local farmers market in Quarry Bay with friends. It was adorable, we had amazing coffee (made by a Melbournian!), bought kale and great fresh and crusty bread. FYI, the bread in HK is generally terrible; white and sugary. Boo. But yay that we found good bread.


Saturday night we went with friends to Ned Kelly’s last stand with friends to hear some live jazz. The band was great fun and the pub made me pretty nostalgic for Australia.

Anyways, that’s my world. What’s going on in yours?