Sometimes I’m super silly.

Like when I walked into my car.

While I was crying (not really) the boy snapped a shot of my injuries.

But it was all made better by catching up with my darling friend visiting from Sydney for hot drinks!

I’d say all’s well that end’s well.

xoxo Ellyse



Hi all,

Sorry for being absent.

I was too busy being in love and all.

Very time consuming.

But I did manage to take some photos of my Shabbat outfit this week on Friday afternoon.

Top: Portmans. Skirt: Thrifted in Jerusalem. Belt: Borrowed (permanently) from my brother. Necklace: ebay. Tights: Target. Boots: Wittners.

This is my friend Ellie.

Not only is she a wonderful person but she is also a wonderful photographer.

And a great cook!

We all went away this weekend. It was a wonderful trip to the country for a conference style festival of Jewish learning.

Was great fun.

I even gave a talk!

Except the boys got rained out of their tents.

The smart girls were safe and dry in  cabins.

Such smart cookies us girls.

Hope your weekends were as fun as mine was!

xoxo Ellyse


I know it’s silly but since I’m going to Ghana (more on that later…)

I felt that it would be a good idea to get a responsible practical pair of shoes.

But then again – I can be super indesisive.

I came down to these last two.

The one on the right had a great grip on its sole.

But the one on the left was a nicer colour…

I went with the darker boots because they gave me more coverage and err… they were prettier?

Is that ok  – that I chose my ‘responsible’ shoes by which was prettier?!



Today it is both my Dad and my Brother’s birthdays.

That’s right, 21 years ago my Dad got a wonderful birthday present.

My brother went from this

to this

 but my Dad is even cuter

He also grew up to be a great Dad/Man/Husband/Person/Soccer player.

Happy Birthday to both of you!

Film Reviews

While in Sydney The Boy and I saw two movies.

First we saw Bill Cunningham New York

It was a wonderful documentary about the famous New York Times fashion and society photographer and columnist. He has been doing this job for close to 60 years and he’s still so passionate about it. But at the same time it’s great to see how much perspective he has. He lives so modestly and really doesn’t get caught up too much in the industry that he documents.

Another day we saw This Is Not A Film

This was an Iranian documentary made about a film maker who has been banned from making films. It is all shot inside the film maker’s apartment where he is on house arrest. It’s pretty basic at time with it even being filmed on an iphone. But it is a very powerful movie in any case. Apart from the human rights issues it’s really moving to see a person who’s whole life has been about film and have that taken away from him.

On an entirely different note last night I went with my girlfriends to see the new Twilight movie – Breaking Dawn. 

Though I’ve read all the books and seen all the movies I really wouldn’t call myself a fan generally. The books are badly written, have lame plot lines and immature/frustrating characters. Having said that, they were a quick an easy read. The films too I generally viewed mainly to mock and snigger rather than to actually appreciate. Oh, and to see Jacob topless. Breaking Dawn isn’t really an exception to this, though I’d say it was probably better than the others. Less lame corny lovey lines and over dramatic emotional issues. I feel like it was a much punchier and fast moving plot. Good job Twilight for picking up your game.

So that’s what I’ve seen recently.

Disagree/agree with my reviews?

Have you got any recommendations yourself?

xoxo Ellyse