Still Not Naked

Ok I’ll admit that I do look abit surprised/confused/constipated.

This is an unfortunate picture of the very pretty sunset.

The details are: Hat – Borrowed from The Boy’s lovely sister. Dress – thrifted in Jerusalem, had it shortened and had the triangle added to the v’neck for bonus modesty. Shoes – Clear Jellybabies from the market in Jerusalem.

I bought The Boy this T-shirt. Because like many other dictators with a penchant for irony he just loves juice. 10 points if you know the reference.

Meanwhile – I could pretend that the low image quality is some sort of awesome hipster photoshopping. But no. I’d actually like my nice photos back. Please laptop. Be kind. Have mercy!



One thought on “Still Not Naked

  1. I don’t know the reference…hmmm. I wonder if my husband would though. I feel like he knows the references to everything! Haha. And I LOVE your dress! It looks so cute and comfy!

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