Honey Joys

Hey hey, it’s Talmud!

So, I really like sweet things. My top two cooking ingredients are probably sugar and butter. Here are two recipes that I’ve made recently that use these wonders of nature (and diabetes).

The first recipe is for Honey Joys. Honey Joys are treats made of honey, sugar, butter and cornflakes. They are traditionally served at kids’ birthday parties, but I still think they are pretty great. Here is the Kellogs recipe. Pro tip: substitute Crunchy-Nut Cornflakes for regular flakes for fun times.

Check out the end result:

p.s. How handsome is my Modern Maid oven in the background?

The other sugary treats that I made are called Brandy Snaps. Brandy Snaps are a chewy yet crispy biscuit (cookie) that can be molded whilst hot. I used this recipe over here.They are pretty hard to describe so just take a look. In the first photo I stuffed the snap with whipped cream.

I reckon this one looks like Micki Mouse, what do you think?!

So there you have it. I better run, my Honey Joys are calling me!


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