Tabernacle II

Hi All!

Sorry for going AWOL on you for the past couple of days. We’ve been a bit distracted by eating and having family fun during the festival.

The best part was that The Boy came to surprise me! It was so nice to have him come and help set up the Succah and spend time with my family!

Our big box of decorations.

The Boy helping out with the Succah.

My favorite string of paper pineapples for decoration.

A bit blurry but you get the idea. Boy + Ladder = wonderfulness.

Anyways – I’m a little bit stressed with my life. Exams (finals) are in 2 weeks and next weekend I have another festival! When will I find time to study? Ahhh!

Also, not that this is very responsible but I’m going to Sydney on Wednesday to spend some quality time with The Boy and his family.

Soooo excited!

I hope y’all have a great week!



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