Tonight starts a week long Jewish festival called Sukkot in Hebrew or Tabernacles or Booths in English. Leading up to the festival, we built a hut outside our houses which we are supposed to “live” in during Sukkot. By “live” I mean: eat, drink, relax, study and even sleep (thankfully married couples are exempt)!

Here is a photo of our Sukkah. We (mostly TK) built it for under $60!

Did you spot the ghost inside? That’s TK. He appears in all my photos of our sukkah. Probably because while I was taking photos, he was building it!

Here’s a photo of it before the roof went up. The roof has to be made of vegetation and needs to give shade but can’t be too heavy because you need to be able to see the stars at night! Can you tell that we modified a gazebo?!


During Sukkot we say a daily blessing over a bunch of leaves and a citron. The bunch contains 1 palm fond, 3 myrtles branches and 2 willow branches. Here is a photo of the palm fond and citron, the other branches are staying fresh in the fridge.

Here is a close up of the citron.

I better go and get ready for the festival!


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