On Thursday night when I should have been studying for the impending doom of exams I went out with my boys to see Ganesh Versus The Third Reich.

If you think that sounds a bit controversial, well you’d be right. There were Hindu protesters out the front and to make it even more risky the theater troupe is comprised of actors with physical and intellectual disabilities.

Having said that, we had a great time and I reckon the play was actually very sensitive to the audience and the cultures that it was dealing with.

I roped the boys into helping me with some outfit shots on the way.

This is my kindergarten boyfriend helping me out (we parted amicably when he moved schools in first grade). He’s also in this post.

Yeah, I wish I was smiling here. Oh well.

Shoes: Gorman. Pants: Target. Cardigan: Revival. Glasses: Specsavers. Belt, Bag, Scarf: Thrifted or gifted.

I did not take this photo and therefore I have no idea how he turned me blue.

So sneaky.

Eventually they’d had enough of my prancing around and demanding to be photographed.

We had a great time all round.

What did you get up to this weekend?



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