Material Possessions II

So I figured that I’ve spent enough time complaining about not having a (super awesome) camera.

Therefore with the help of my folks (thanks ma and pa!) The Boy and I are now proud owners of our very own DSLR!

A Canon EOS 60D to be specific.

Soooo pretty!

I also bought for myself on groupon a photography class. That way I’ll know how to use my very exciting new camera.

I also got a 18-55mm lens.

We purchased all our goodies from Kogan on sale.  They aren’t paying me to tell you this but you should know that they have the cheapest electrical goods for Australians.

Expect some new photos in the very near future!



4 thoughts on “Material Possessions II

  1. I couldn’t respond to your comment but I was on Busy Bee Lauren’s blog with my husband! She did photos for us on Saturday! It was a blast and she was so fun to meet! She is so incredibly talented!!

    • That’s so amazing Emma! I would love to be photographed by her – I just guess that I’ll have to pop in to Arizona some day! Meanwhile…. when do we get to see the shoot on your blog?

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