I know that material possessions can’t make you happy.

But sometimes they do.

Just a little.

Like today when my Saltwater Sandals arrived in the mail!

I tried forever to find them in Australia but they were super expensive.

So I got them online for $35.

Very reasonable I say.

Now that we have reveled in the joy that is my new sandals I’m off to go find some real joy and meaning in my life.


P.S. Shout out to Talmud for having an infinitely superior vegetable patch to my titchy tiny one! Oh and to her adorable botanist hubz TK.



Talmud here. TK (husband) is majoring in botany at university. This has some pros and cons.


We get a vegie/fruit garden that looks pretty and produces tasty produce.


Sometimes the table looks like this (note: the green stuff is an assortment of locally found weed grasses):

In our house, we use textbooks for their weight not their knowledge (there are layers of flowers and leaves being pressed between the books).

Study Sessions

It’s exams (finals) time here in Australia for the next 2 weeks. So this Saturday night I’ll be studying it up. Yay! (not.)

Brain food = craisins, almonds and jelly bellies.

Luckily for me I have a bunch of friends who study together which makes me feel less lame for my nerdiness.

Also – studying bring out my addiction to herbal teas. Ginger and lemon is seriously life-changing.

Hope your Saturday night plans are funner than mine!


Still Not Naked

Ok I’ll admit that I do look abit surprised/confused/constipated.

This is an unfortunate picture of the very pretty sunset.

The details are: Hat – Borrowed from The Boy’s lovely sister. Dress – thrifted in Jerusalem, had it shortened and had the triangle added to the v’neck for bonus modesty. Shoes – Clear Jellybabies from the market in Jerusalem.

I bought The Boy this T-shirt. Because like many other dictators with a penchant for irony he just loves juice. 10 points if you know the reference.

Meanwhile – I could pretend that the low image quality is some sort of awesome hipster photoshopping. But no. I’d actually like my nice photos back. Please laptop. Be kind. Have mercy!


The Beach

While in Sydney we also went to the beach.

We had some lovely Ben & Jerry’s to go with the gorgeous beach.

Meanwhile at the beach was this adorable girl and a dog in a tank top. It wasn’t cold. I don’t understand why the dog was dressed.

All in all, it was a wonderful outing.

On a side note – if anybody wants to offer to help me with my photo issues at the moment I’d be very appreciative!