Not an Advertizement

Just so you know m&m’s aren’t paying me for this endorsement.

But they should.

I’m just letting y’all know that I found these.

Yup. Coconut m&m’s. Very exciting! (For those in America ignore my southern hemisphere deprivation from confectionery)

And I found these.

Pretzel m&m’s!

I’d say they are the best flavour m&m’s out there.

So salty and sweet!

So crunchy and colourful!

P.S. shout out to Talmud and her ram’s horn

I’ll be updating y’all on my New Years preparations shortly



3 thoughts on “Not an Advertizement

  1. Hi Ellyse! Thanks for visiting g&s! From the looks of your blog, it doesn’t look like you’re too new! You have a nice blog! the moving picture is called a gif. It’s a type of file format like jpg or tiff. There are a bunch of sites that can help you make them online, and if you have photoshop, there are tutorials that can help you. (I can make them, though I didn’t make the one on my blog.)

    Also, I hope you enjoyed the candy! I guess us in the US take for granted those delicious confections. 😉

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