Jewish New Year

Talmud here. It’s currently just over a week until Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana). Jewish New Year is nothing like secular New Year… Jews spend two days in synagogue praying for God to judge them favourably and eating big meals with family and friends.

Here’s a cute video of some boys in Israel explaining their take on Jewish New Year in breakdance!

The synagogue service is special because the congregation listens to 100 blasts of a Ram’s horn (known as a Shofar) which are scattered throughout. The blasts of the Ram’s horn are supposed to awaken you importance of repentance, as well as remind God about the Sacrifice of Isaac.

During the month before Jewish New Year, we also  blow the Shofar once a day to get us in the repenting spirit. Here are some photos of my Shofar.

At the meals on Jewish New Year, we eat things that symbolise the type of year we want to have. Each family has it’s own customs. Most families dip apples and bread in honey. Traditionally, Jews have eaten the sheep or fish’s head to symbolise wanting to be the head and not the tail. TK’s family are vegetarian, so they have attempted to adapt the custom to make it more vegetarian friendly. One year, they ate the heads of gummy fish lollies (candy) and another year they ate Freddo Frog Heads (this is a lot less grusome than it sounds…store-bought chocolate frog heads).

Hopefully Ellyse will tell us about some of her family’s customs!


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