A long long time ago I worked for 2.5 years in a bakery. It meant getting up super early (5am!) and working till 10am then going on my way to unverisyt. It was actually a super fun place to work. The bakers were hilarious and the regular customers were very sweet.

The only down side (apart from the pre-dawn shifts) was that I couldn’t paint my nails in case they flaked off into the bread (granted – this is a totally fair reason).

But since I’ve stopped working there I can now paint my nails to my hearts content!

I know it’s kinda hard to see (due to lack of DSLR still…) but it’s kinda french manicure with a twist – orange and red! Yeah, I know, I’m pretty wild.

In case you were wondering – the ring is my mother’s given to her by my grandfather (who I never met). I kinda really like it.

Good thing I took a photo when I did since about half an hour later I was cooking and chipped off the polish. Grrr…

P.S. Since writing this I have started working at another bakery. But they let me paint my nails. Yay!



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