More food!

Hi there, it’s Talmud again! Guess what? I’ve been cooking again! Come and see:

This here is a cheesy potato and broccoli lasagne with pesto topping. The recipe is based on a potato and cauliflower lasagne which I once had at a restaurant. Neither TK or I are huge fans of cauliflower, so we decided to substitute broccoli instead. Basically, you just make puree cheesy mashed potatoes and divide the mixture into two and then blend the pureed broccoli into one portion . I use this recipe for the pesto. To construct the lasagna you alternate between the fillings and add some of the pesto mixture to some of the layers. I use the plain potato mixture on the top and then add strips of pesto.

This is a 6 minute vegan chocolate cake which I disovered on the Moosewood website. The cake is super delicious and manages to stay together perfectly despite not requiring any eggs! It’s miraculous! On occasion, I ruin its veganess by eating it with ice cream. Yum!

Speaking of vegan foods. A few weeks back I made some vegie burgers. I adapted this recipe from Vegandad. Mostly, I just used the herbs and sauces that we already had and went a bit heavy on the corn flour and flour. The burgers were really yummy and stuck together. Shhhh don’t tell anyone that I ate mine in a bagel!

Here is the last of the mushroom dishes. King Oyster mushrooms with sun-dried tomatoes, basil and garlic.


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