Meet the Family

While I was taking some photos of my Dad’s old portraits for the fathers’ Day post I stumbled upon some great old photos of my fam.

Wanna meet ’em?

This here is my paternal great-grandmother, her parents and children. I’m named after her. That’s why the spelling of my name is so unique – it’s French!

On the right is my paternal grandfather and on the left is my dad – such a cutie!

These lovely people are my maternal great-grandparents. Look how tiny her waist is on the left! And how awesome is his mustache!?

These two are my maternal grandparents – they look so young!

This is my paternal great-grandfather, the Italian lawyer – I guess we know where I get it from then…

Lastly, we have a photo from my parent’s wedding – they were super young and only dated for 6 weeks before they got married… almost 30 years ago! Amazing right?

Anyways, maybe I make more sense now in the context of my fam?

Or maybe not….

P.S. Flying out to Sydney tonight! Yay!

(Don’t worry obvz taking my laptop n will be snapping heaps of pics!)


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