Material Possessions

Look, I’m not gonna lie. I really like stuff. Pretty things. Things you wear.

Ya know what I mean?

So here’s some of the stuff I’ve been liking recently.

Yes, that is a Mustache brooch. Impressed? You should be. It comes all the way from England but I got it for a steal on ebay.

Here is aforementioned brooch with stripey dress (H&M) and cardigan (Pull & Bear) both purchased on sale in Jerusalem. I’m a bit obsessed with tying my cardigans. If cardigans could be considered risque this would probably be it.

New blue suede shoes! Elvis would be proud. These are super new. I got them on sale for $40 reduced from $250.

Yes, another shot of the shoes. I can’t help it – I’m in LOVE! Not that it matters but they are Gorman (Australian designer) and they have heels! This is super important b/c I am a measly 154cm.

So here is my other brooch. Awesome right? It’s another ebay find.

I’m in the process of attempting to acquire a fancy camera at the moment (Canon DSLR something or rather) but in the meantime I have my brooch.

So there you have it for now. A few more snap shots of silly things that make me a bit happy (but not happy in the long term meaningful kinda way).


2 thoughts on “Material Possessions

  1. i know how you feel! i’d love a nice camera but realistically we can’t afford one right now. it’s hard to “keep up” in blogland w/out the all mighty DSLR it feels like. whatev, I’m trying to make do. love your brooch! PS: i love your comments and always try to reply back but i can’t find your email address anywhere:( sorry!

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