New Career?

This here is my very good friend S.

Quite the looker aye?

Not to mention he’s SINGLE! But totally married to his car so he’s a tough nut to crack

(if ya know what I mean…)

Anyways, so as you can see from the above picture he had a bit of a hair situation going on. And by that I mean it was OUT OF CONTROL!

So late one Saturday night I saved him.

Note how well I trimmed over the ears and left sizable payos.

Goodbye mullet/afro.

But I left a reasonable amount of hair up top in true hipster fashion. Also – yes he is trying to hide his identity in this picture. Shame he didn’t know I was going to upload his entire face at the beginning on my post!

Anyways – the point is – maybe I should drop law and become a hairdresser?

3 thoughts on “New Career?

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