Things discovered around Monash Clayton

Our building was evacuated due to (yet another) fire and/or wind situation.


We immediately ventured out into the garden to post behind conviniently located frames.

And then quickly drove home before the lecture could resume an we would have to continue learning. Bleh.

I have no idea what they were trying to sell.

But if it involves washed up actors – count me in!

Apparently they want to build a train station at the university.

That would make my life easier.

But then again – who could ever say no to people dressed in cardboard boxes?!



I’m spending Monday and Tuesday of this week at a first aid course so I can work in childcare.

How cute is the little nurse? Obviously once I know first aid I too will look like that. Also – the instructor is a not-bad-looking firefighter. Mmmm. Bravery… yummy.

How creepy is this? Yeah – we had to practice CPR on a baby. *shudder* – also creepy are all the removable mouth pieces.

Here is a demonstration of my concentration abilities. Doodling instead of learning how to save lives? Let’s hope nobody every gets hurt near me coz all I’ll remember is that my monkey hanging from a tree isn’t so impressive but my lion is pretty ferocious!



Here’s what I’ve been doing recently.

On Saturday night I went out to the CD launch of a super talented Chabadnik called Moshe Hendel. He was just so so gifted. He sang such a beautiful song to his baby daughter!

Then tonight I went to a trivia fundraiser. We won at half time! (but sadly came third by the end…)

As documented you can see a) that I have terrible handwriting and b) that we are very smart.

Our half-time winning prize was a hamper full of chocolates!

I could have gone home happy after that!

All in all – they were both great nights out! I just love the weekend! xoxo

Visitation Rights

Sadly the boy lives in Sydney.
But not too long ago he came to Melb for the weekend.
Here are some shots from his visit. 

 We went into the city almost every day either more plays or museums and obviously – LORD OF THE FRIES!

So we walked to and from the train station heaps. Not that we minded since it was cherry blossom season – so beautiful!

While in the city we stopped in one of Melbourne’s famous laneways for coffee.




My primary mode of employment at present is adjudicating high school debates. They pay $40 per debate/hour – totally worth it! My other job to be starting soon is as a before and after school care provider. Yeah, I’m pretty wild like that.